Brion Turns Four

PetroChina Canada turns four! 

What started four years ago as Dover Operating Corporation, with 38 people and one floor of office space, is now PetroChina Canada with almost 300 people - a bustling downtown Calgary head office. Back in 2010, Athabasca Oil Corp. and PetroChina joined forces to develop two projects in the bitumen-rich oil sands near Fort McMurray. The goals were ambitious and the team started out lean, but the promise of building something really big was exciting.

One of the first people hired into the new company was Tyler Cleveland, now Vice-President of Human Resources. “The company has grown exponentially over the last four years, but the essence of the company remains,” says Tyler. He adds, “The foundation of our company has always centered around the values of:

• Accountable – being disciplined in our approach and delivering results
• Honourable – commitment to striving for the highest standards in safety, environmental stewardship, and social responsibility
• Passionate – constantly striving for excellence in everything we do
• Unified – working together as a team, inspiring and encouraging one another in the pursuit of greatness”

“The energy that we draw from our values is one of the reasons why people are drawn to PetroChina Canada, which in itself creates passion, excitement and energy within the company. It also anchors us as we grow and encounter the inevitable challenges and growing pains along the way as we see the future we are striving to create.” PetroChina Canada’s excitement and energy keeps on as the company officially turns four on June 1 this year.