New Graduate Program

New Graduate Program

PetroChina Canada’s new program seeks to helps build new graduates’ professional profiles and skills

Recently graduated from university or expect to do so in the coming months? It’s an exciting time – you’ve hit a big milestone in life – but you’re also about to enter the real world and know you have to begin navigating your next steps. You already know you want to work for an energy company. But where do you go from there?

PetroChina Canada’s New Graduate Program helps grads gain a solid foundation in the business world and trains them so they can become the next leaders and influencers at PetroChina Canada.

PetroChina Canada’s program is open to Engineers in Training (EITs) and cycles them through one-year rotations in complementary functions — helping grads identify their areas of passion and ability. The EIT rotational areas include:

• Drilling and Completions
• Engineering Services
• Reservoir Engineering
• Production Engineering
• Operations and Maintenance
• Project Engineering

David Wu is one of the first cohorts of the New Graduate EIT program. The oil and gas engineer is in his second rotation, working in production engineering, where he believes he’s found his true passion.

“When you start as a new grad, you get thrown into the deep end of the pool and tend to tread water for a while,” he says. “The EIT program lets you break out of your comfort zone and really kicks up your learning curve.”

More than any compensation or incentive, David values PetroChina Canada’s desire to invest in its employees. “That willingness to put back into employees’ future got my loyalty,” he says.

Personal development coaching for the new grads is what makes PetroChina Canada’s program unique in the industry. New grads receive coaching on presentation, self-awareness and networking - all of which helps them become well-rounded employees and builds a strong workplace culture.

“It’s about building their professional reputation and credibility within the organization,” says Kalyna Bilinski, senior recruiter. “We’re grooming our junior talent pool for placements that come available, so we can hire from within.”

Brad Kearl, production engineering manager, adds that part of PetroChina Canada’s growth plan is having attractive employee recruitment and retention plans.

“We’re growing our staff from the ground up with the New Graduate Program,” he says. “That means we can hire staff and tailor our employees’ competencies and skill sets to align directly to our business needs. With PetroChina Canada’s focus on the use of steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) technology in oilsands development, the program will help build the unique skill sets required right from the get-go.”

“Our hope is new grads will work at PetroChina Canada for a long time to come,” says Kalyna.

PetroChina Canada is a wholly owned and operated subsidiary of PetroChina Company Limited. Established in 2010, PetroChina Canada is making bold strides in its aspirations to produce 400,000 bbl/d with minimal environmental impact.

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