Supplier Pre-Qualification


Effective December 19, 2014, ISNetworld will begin serving as PetroChina Canada's primary contractor/supplier information and management system. All contractor information and data will be managed in this system from prequalification, HSSE, QA/QC, Insurance, WCB, and through to the evaluation of contractor and vendor performance. 

As a result of this action, contractors/suppliers and their subcontractors performing services for PetroChina Canada are required to become subscribers to ISNetworld.  If your company is a current subscriber, there is no additional fee. 

Company Profile

Please populate your company’s dashboard in ISNetworld to include company contact information, office locations, types of work/industry classifications, geography served, etc. this will provide PetroChina Canada with your company’s most current contact information. If you are not yet connected with PetroChina Canada on ISN, please contact the ISN Customer Service Team at (800) 976-1303 or visit their website at”.


In order to be considered for upcoming work, all vendors and contractors must register in ISNetWorld and complete the Prequalification Questionnaire. There are certain areas where you will be asked to upload your corporate documents and financial statements. Please ensure that all questions are answered, and all requested documentation is uploaded. Your Prequalification information will be reviewed, evaluated and scored according to PetroChina Canada's requirements. Please note that during prequalification we will be asking for evidence of insurance types and amounts. However, only those contractors and vendors awarded work will be required to further provide Insurance Certificates showing PetroChina Canada listed as an additional insured. Should we have any questions, or require additional information from you, a member of our team will be in contact with the Company Representative listed in your corporate profile. Upon a passing grade on the Prequalification Questionnaire, your company will be placed in PetroChina Canada’s “Prequalified Vendors” list. 

Active Vendors & Contractors

Active vendors and contractors are those who have been awarded work, and issued a contract from PetroChina Canada. At this stage the highest ISN Grade possible is a “B”. Only upon a successful  performance evaluation is an “A” grade possible.

Note: Throughout both stages, Prequalification and Active, your Company’s HSSE, QA/QC data and information will be actively monitored and managed by ISNetWorld representatives via a RAVS verification process. 

Performance Evaluation

All awarded work will be reviewed and evaluated throughout the contract lifecycle, including Progress Performance, and for Final Performance. Upon the completion of a performance evaluation, an “A” Grade is possible, but not guaranteed. If your company has performed work with PetroChina Canada in the past, a member of the Supply Chain Management team will be in touch to begin scheduling performance evaluations if you have not already had an evaluation completed.

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